Marz Money was born & raised in Flatbush, Brooklyn, NY, a breeding ground for talented artists & entertainers. His upbringing in the heavy populated Caribbean community led him to being a fan of reggae & rap music from an early age. In the mid 2000’s, Marz co-founded the rap group amongst his friends, Noxmen Committee, incorporating as a entertainment company in 2010.

What stands out when listening to Marz Money is how accurately the events of his life are expressed in his music. The rapper has mastered the art of implementing wordplay & punchlines in what some people now call "Reality Raps". Never the one to bite his tongue, the spitter rhymes captured his core fan base & with every release it’s like they were desperate to hear what he has to say and who he was talking about. Marz once rapped “When I write down my life, for some reason it rhymes.”

Art began to imitate life and Marz Money was convicted of gun possession and sentenced to 8 yrs in state prison. Although his brushes with the law halted his career briefly, As soon as he was released in 2017 he got right back at it, determined to carve out a successful career in the art & entertainment world.

Marz has always taken a DIY approach with his career. He taught himself Photoshop after seeking out designers who either charged too much for mixtape covers or couldn't see his vision. He began designing all artwork & merch for his label, which led to creating logos & mixtape covers for other up and coming artists & local entrepreneurs. This eventually opened up a career path for him as a freelance graphic designer and owner of a multimedia studio space in Brooklyn.

Over the years, Marz Money’s knowledge of the game & work ethic help him take on more roles, developing skills as a writer, producer, and manager. Marz briefly managed up & coming drill rapper Nick Blixky before his untimely passing in the spring of 2020 and executive produced his posthumous album “Different Timin'”.

To date Marz Money has released a number of projects that can be found on all streaming sites. His notable collaborations include the late great Nipsey Hussle, Cory Gunz, Nick Blixky & producers AraabMuzik, GQ Beats, Teddy Da Don & Muddi Gold, Respectfully.

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